DC trip- day one, part one (of three)

Our first day of touring Washington DC!  Although we arrived in DC the night prior, I am counting that as a traveling day.

We started off with a tour of the Capitol building.  Well, we actually started off by having a lovely argument on how I expected them to walk everywhere.  I rented a wonderful house next to the Library of Congress, so they wouldn’t have to walk far to get anywhere.  Well, apparently one city block is too far.  I spent so much money on cabs.  Back to the US Capitol tour.  We finally arrived to the Hart Senate Building to meet our tour guide at Senator Tim Scott‘s office.

Senator Scott of SC has really impressed me- even though we identify with different political parties.  I have always written politicians, and he is the only one (or someone in his office) that took the time to write me back.  The response was well thought out and answered my questions/concerns about SOPA and PIPA.  I will admit to writing to so many politicians that it has become a joke to all my friends.    Senator Scott has always been a very hands on politician, so I knew he wouldn’t be in the office while we visited due to the state of SC being under water right now.


My facial expression shows my frustration on this day, and it wasn’t even lunch time yet!  Our tour guide was Gil, who grew up in South Carolina and now works as an intern to get into politics because he could, “get paid to argue”.

This is the picture I am posting of Gil, mom, and myself.  Take what you will from the picture for my thoughts on Gil- maybe if he didn’t infer that we were all three Republicans, he should know better.  He was knowledgeable, but could have done without the comments leaning far right.  I kept my mouth shut though.  He was so proud of being an 8th generation South Carolinian, but I think he may have been goofing off when he was taught about southern hospitality and not having your guests feel uncomfortable.  Mom gave me the side-eye several times to just keep my trap shut.


One cool thing that Gil told me about was a book he was reading, which looks interesting.  I may try to find it.


After our tour, we had lunch at the cafeteria at the Dirksen North Cafeteria which is the Senate Cafeteria.  It was really good, with choices for everyone.  Highly recommend eating there.


After lunch, we went back to the adorable rental house.  The ladies read and knit, while waiting for our personal chauffeured tour of the monuments…at five in the evening.  I think I ended up taking a nap.


Part two will go over the awesome evening tour with DC Insiders.

Lucy has left the driveway!

The roaptrip to Washington DC has officially started.  I only got in a few arguments with mom this morning and she only threatened to go back to NC once.

We made it 45 minutes down the road, and the ladies decided they needed lunch at Chili’s.  A sit down lunch…this 4 hour drive is going to take a while.

Mom has already complained about the front row oldies concert she is experiencing.   My aunt and I are singing our hearts out, and mom is trying to read in the backseat.


Lucy the Lexus waiting for us to return from our first stop on the road trip.




Tomorrow starts my DC family trip

My mother and aunt are in town for us to start our DC trip in the morning.  I am already having doubts about this trip going smoothly.  It is easy to forget how Mom and I interact when we don’t live near each other.  It will be a long long week/weekend.  Plus, they don’t know how long they are staying here in WV with me after the trip.  I expected them to leave for NC the day or so after we returned from DC.  Wasn’t too happy to hear of their sticking around plans.

I need to just remember this is a trip I am doing to be nice, and for it to be memorable for them.

They have informed me that the VW isn’t going to be big enough for all of our stuff, and they brought tons of crafts to do in the evening.  Therefore, my aunt should drive her car since it is bigger.  I squashed that in one breath.  There is no way I was going to let these two become Magellan and Ponce de Leon in the front seat, while I get frustrated in the backseat.

To solve this, I will be driving my sweet Lucy.  Lucy the Lexus is my faithful Lexus RX that has been through life with me.  She has been an awesome vehicle for living at the beach and in the mountains of WV.  Lucy doesn’t have satellite radio, so I don’t usually drive her unless i need 4 wheel drive.  I should start driving her more often again.

The driving issue has been solved, although i am perplexed that they thought i would be ok with them driving.  The trip starts bright at early tomorrow…this is going to test my patience!

3. South Carolina

Coloring in the state of South Carolina on my map of the 50-state travels is easy.  My family would head to South Carolina every year for our family vacations.  Also, I lived in the state for ten years before moving to WV.

As for our vacations… ahh, the road trip itself was enough to need a vacation.  First, let me just say that my family were campers.  Yes, we went to the beach and camped in a tent at the campground.  Actually, we always were camping somewhere.  Even in college, I would go camping up in the mountains because that is all my friends and I could afford for entertainment!

Our family had a small two door Toyota Tercel, which was a hatchback.  Zero air conditioning.  Pops would round us up and leave around 1:00 am so we would sleep and it wouldn’t be so hot driving.  It was a great idea, except I always had to sleep on the floorboard after they stacked pillows and blankets to fill it up.  This was because I was smaller than my brother, so he got to sleep on the seat part.  You don’t understand family road trips until you travel without phones, air conditioning, a Walkman (although that did come later), or even bathroom breaks!  I think it took us seven or eight hours to get to our destination.  I do the same drive now, and it takes me close to six hours.

Eventually, we would get to the beach.  This was sometime in the 1980’s in SC with my Mom.  She didn’t want to take a picture.  She really wanted me to get back into the pool so she could finish reading her book.

in sc