Boycotting Indiana

As it stands right now, we have decided to boycott Indiana in our “50 States Tour”.

Hopefully, the state will get their act together by the time we make it out that way.

I  never understood how someone can have so much hate. Making it through life is tough enough, we don’t need others to make it worse.  I guarantee that you have a person who is gay in your family (living or deceased), or know someone who is afraid to come out. I posted earlier about how miserable school was for me, and I couldn’t imagine trying to come to terms with hatred due to my sexuality as well.

I have a family member who came out to me when we were in college.  They were very nervous, because I was the first family member they told.  It wasn’t a secret that I believe in equal rights and freedoms for everyone.  It was really sweet how they told me.  They learned how to spell it out in sign language, since I was able to sign since middle school.  Maybe it was easier to say it by doing that way.  I hated that they felt so worried about telling me.

I don’t understand why people say “Why don’t they just come out already”.  Well, it isn’t any of our business if someone is straight, gay, or bi-sexual, in the closet or not, or transgender.

Going back to my family member.  This is from an email they sent me last year.

“I love your Mom because I think I’ve been able to have the relationship I’ve had with my own Mother because of her. My parents and I almost parted ways, you probably remember. You told me yourself that your Mom was the one that encouraged my Mom to except me and I have owed you and her for helping me stay in the lives of my own parents.”

Such sweet words.  It makes me really proud to have a mother who can help someone feel accepted when things seem otherwise.

How is my family member now? Awesome, as always! They are extremely fair and kind to others, which I find to be the most important qualities in a person.  I have never heard mean or malicious words by them.  Coming out to us didn’t change our opinion of them, because they are still the same person as always.  I wish Indiana lawmakers would realize that your sexuality doesn’t make you good or evil.

I really feel bad for people who don’t have the support or strength to be themselves.  How lonely to live where you don’t feel welcome to buy food, all because of the ignorance and hate of our lawmakers.  Therefore, until the law is completely changed, I will not spend my money in Indiana.