2018 Life List aka Bucket List

A list of things waiting to land on my calendar in 2018.  Some of my goals are things that I want to continue or to restart.  

Continue working on my French, or rather remembering my 4 years of French class.

Finish and earn my Paramedic cert.

Get back on track with my Plant-Based eating habits again.

Seriously plan my WWII battlefield excursion.  (This means putting deposits down and deciding dates)

Visit and support the orphanage where my grandfather grew up.

Lake Lure, NC- back home 🙂

Order/Buy Tootsie the Tesla.

Resume my regular field trips in DC.

Attend a Supreme Court hearing…RBG!

Quit a bad habit in a month.

Donate blood.

Get my first mammogram.

Vote in the midterm elections!

Relearn how to crochet.  Mom won’t always be around to make my afghans.

Get involved in volunteering again once class is over.

Put more into my retirement fund than I did in 2017.

Visit at least two more states on the “Exploring the US with Mom” map.

Learn to paddleboard standing up.

Read at least two more presidential biographies to add to my Presidential Reading List.

Post a blog post at least once a week.  I am trying to be realistic!