Charleston Sweetgrass Baskets

The Christmas holiday is almost here, and I am excited to say that I will be driving back to SC for the week!  My friend has been sending me weather screenshots, and it was looking awesome.

Then the forecast for when I start my holiday vacation…not so great.  Hopefully, it will warm up a bit.  Either way, I will still be heading to the beach.


As for celebrating Christmas, mom will be coming down to the beach and we are having Christmas there for a change.  I started a mixbook memory book from our Washington, DC trip, but I don’t think I will be finished in time to give it as presents to mom and my aunt.


During Thanksgiving, I went to the Sweetgrass basket ladies to buy gifts for a few family members.  None of my family read (or even know I have) this blog, so I am not worried of them running across this.

Gullah Sweetgrass baskets are beautifully made baskets by women in the lowcountry of SC.   This cultural tradition came from the 17th century by West African slaves who were brought to America.  This website states a bit about the history of the baskets, and how to not get fooled by a fake sweetgrass basket.

The artists sell their baskets along the road going into Charleston, SC and in the city of Charleston (such as in the Open Market downtown).  Heads up, the baskets are more expensive in Charleston versus the ones on the highway.

Taken from the above website, “Mount Pleasant basket stands can be found alongside US 17. The Hamlin community – a community of families who are descendents of slaves from area plantations – have stands along the “Seven-Mile” stretch known as the “Sweetgrass Basket Makers Highway”.”

These are the baskets I purchased from the Sweetgrass Basket Makers Highway.  I also picked me up a pair of Sweetgrass earrings.

2015-12-09 18.53.25

2015-12-09 18.54.08

2015-12-09 18.58.06


This week has been so slow, for obvious reasons. I am ready to head south!


I was finally able to go down to the beach this past Thanksgiving weekend, and it was very difficult to come back.  For Thanksgiving this year I made reservations for a traditional meal for my mom and myself at a restaurant.  She lives about an hour from the beach where I used to live, so I picked her up on the way down.  First thing I had to do when driving into North Carolina was to pick up a Cheerwine in a glass bottle.  It’s the good stuff!


The dinner we ate was very good, and we had enough leftovers that we ate on for two days.  My aunt came down Thanksgiving night and stayed the weekend with us.  Per southern tradition, I drove the ladies to Belk to shop for Black Friday.


After shopping, they wanted to relax and find NCIS on TV.  I met up with my friend, Dave, and headed to the beach.  It was perfect weather, and the entire time I’m questioning why I am still in WV.  The beach has always calmed me, and I am seriously planning on moving back.  These photos are from Pawley’s Island.


Even though I grew up in the mountains, I am a beach girl at heart.  I convinced mom to have our Christmas at the beach house, just so I can go back sooner.


Dave and I have been friends for ten years now.  It took a minute to figure it out, and I didn’t realize it had been so long.  It was really nice to see him over the weekend.  Later that night I took mom and my aunt to watch him play, and they really enjoyed it.  They wouldn’t go on their own to watch musicians play, but since they had such a good time that may change.  The venue had rocking chairs outside, and they sat out there to listen.  My aunt asked me if he knew the theme song for NCIS.  He probably does just from his mom watching marathons of it all the time.   She was serious when she asked me.  Two of her dogs are named after Ziva and Abby.


I originally planned to leave SC on Saturday so I could have one day to relax before work on Monday.  I pack up mom and my aunt in her car for their trip an hour north.  I made lunch plans with Dave and Jacqui, so I packed everything up in my car and turned off stuff in the house before I left.  I fully expected to start my roadtrip back north after lunch.

Getting two best friends together who haven’t seen each other in a long time created a long lunch!  We all met at Murrells Inlet, and I finally made the decision that I was not going to be leaving SC that day.  Why would I leave if it wasn’t really necessary?


I promise that Jacqui’s son was excited to see me!


Murrells Inlet on Saturday.


Dave took this picture at the Inlet.  It really turned out beautiful.  I really need to get a new phone.  His pictures turned out so much better than mine.


It was wonderful catching up with my friends and having an afternoon/evening on the Inlet.  Later that night, Dave and I went to see another friend play with his band.  Getting up that next morning was rough though.  The last thing I wanted to do was drive 8 plus hours north in rain and holiday traffic.  Thankfully, I have satellite radio and I jam out (horribly) to the 90’s channel.  The 90’s were great!  One of my first songs, awesome!


Yes, I get looks while I drive during my concert.  I sing all out, and I know it looks hilarious.  How else am I supposed to stay awake and alert for that long?  Sometimes I laugh at myself while I drive, because I know it is humorous.  Really I laugh at myself all the time, not only when driving.

I’m excited for Christmas now, since I will be heading back to the beach!

PittStop Lindyhop


This weekend was the PittStop lindyhop in Pittsburgh, and I was extremely excited to attend with the WVU Swing Club!  wpid-imag4356.jpg

This is my first lindy exchange, and I have really been looking forward to it. When I got to the venue, it was definitely overwhelming and a bit intimidating. Everyone was such good dancers.  It took me a good 45 minutes to jump into the fun, but that is due to my own social awkwardness.   This was Friday night’s dance at the venue.



The venue was impressive.  Friday night was The Boilermaker Jazz Band at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall.  I will probably visit the museum at the Memorial Hall on another date.  What I could see during the dance looked pretty cool.  This is the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall below.


At 1 am it was Miss Freddye’s Blues Band at the Pittsburgh Opera.  That dance lasted until 5 am, but I left early to get some sleep.  Saturday afternoon was a casual dance back at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall.  This older gentleman was trying to teach me his Charleston moves.  I wanted to ask how old he was, because he looked as if he would have been in his 80’s!  I hope I am be-bopping around at that age, and dancing with all the younger dancers.  He was yelling the upcoming moves in my ear, and all I could think was to not kick him in the shins!  This is us lindy hopping.


Later that night we went back to the venue for the Gordon Webster 9-Piece Band.  I really enjoyed this band.  We took a big group photo from Saturday night, and it includes those of us who came from WVU and friends.


The picture below is of my roommates for the weekend.


I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was dancing the whole time!  We did walk to get something to eat, and passed this older gentleman feeding the birds.  He said, “I get in trouble if they catch me doing this”.  He was adorable, as I think most senior citizens are adorable.


I had such a great time this past weekend.  The only thing I would have changed is to have a certain friend with us, but he is currently in California.  He needs to move back.  I have new swing moves I want to work on and master.

My next lindy exchange is the Lindy Focus in Asheville, NC at the end of December.  I’m hoping to meet up with my friend from high school for a bit, since this is my hometown.  This would be you, Ti!


Finn and Apples

Last weekend, I noticed a Facebook post on my friend’s page regarding a workday on their apple orchard.  I didn’t have plans that day, so I messaged that I would gladly come out and help.  I know nothing of working on an apple orchard, but I do have a little knowledge of plants from from working on my papow’s nursery.  I was looking forward to learning a bit about apple orchards.  I ended up making a collard green and bean soup the day prior, and brought some to share.  Hopefully it was tasty!

My friend has an extremely sweet American Bulldog named Finn, who weighs more than me.  He is such a sweet dog, and he likes to have your full attention by constantly loving on you!


The only problem is the apple trees are on a hill, and I almost rolled down the hill many many times during the day due to Finn being affectionate.  I’m pretty sure it was amusing to watch me trying to keep him out of my way while working, keeping myself from rolling down the hill, and me actually trying to accomplish some work.  I think a picture of this hilariousness is somewhere floating around.

Here he is waiting for us to bring gravel up the hill.  I wish I could have loaded him up in the car that evening and taken him home.


I didn’t mean for this post to be completely about the adorable Finn, but it seems to have veered in that direction.

The reason I was even helping out was due to damage from these little rodents called voles.  I have never heard of them before, but they seem to enjoy orchards.  We had to replace the hay around the trees with gravel, in hopes they wouldn’t burrow beneath the trees and create more damage.

I really feel for my friends, because I know they have worked really hard on this orchard for the spring.


I said I would come back my next free weekend to help some more.  This upcoming weekend is the PittStop Lindyhop in Pittsburgh and then Thanksgiving, but hopefully I will have free time sometime soon.  I had a refreshing day helping on the orchard, and it freed my mind of things for a while.  I will leave you will one of my favorite pictures of Finn carrying a big stick.  I think I may need a dog.


My cat, George, is awesome….but cats are not the same.  George looks at me as if I am ruining his day by breathing in the same room as him.