Update on my reading list

I am still reading the first book in my presidential reading list.  It is a really good book, and I feel it fills in a lot of blanks from school.

My 4 year old nephew came up to me and said he knew who George Washington was and also Abraham Lincoln.  He thought Lincoln was the second President though, so I looked up pictures of them in order. We went through all the Presidents and I mentioned a little about each of them.

We went in reverse order, and he asked why the pictures were in black and white.  I explained color and black & white photography to him while scrolling up. Then he said, “Look, color photos again!”

Nope, those would be paintings.  It was pretty cute.  He now wants to read a book about each along with me.

He doesn’t have to tell me twice that he wants to read!

His new book…



I am not sure if I can find books for his age about each one, but I will try.  We both are looking forward to Teddy Roosevelt.

Birthdays and Western Literary Reviews

Rustic "21st" Birthday

Rustic “21st” Birthday

Every nursing home has a calendar displayed prominently in the facility.  It will show all sorts of activities planned for the residents, and the calendar is usually full of cool stuff and field trips.  On our calendar, the residents who are celebrating birthdays during the month are listed.

I love to make cards for people.  Above is a card I made for one gentleman who recently celebrated his 80-plus birthday.  He loves to read books, mostly about westerns.  When he was younger, he owned many horses and won many rodeo competitions.  His birthday card was very simple to make, and I could tell it made him happy that I remembered.  I wanted it look western/rustic and show some humor.  He loved the card, and laughed at the 21 years old reference!

On another day, I had given him a Johnny Cash book to read (which he finished in one day).  When I saw him again, he started telling me about meeting Cash in the 1940′s!  He decided to give me a book out of his personal western library.   This is the book he gave me to read.


I asked if he like it or if it was a good book.  He said, “Not really”.  We both started laughing while he tries to describe the book.  Apparently, it had too much plot that dealt with non-western topics, even though it falls in the western genre.  The non-western topic he was referring to was that one character had tuberculosis.  He said that he likes westerns only- no extra stuff.

My apologies to Mr. Grove.