Palm tree love…and snow

The 12 degree weather coming into work at 6:00 am is pretty brutal.  It is so early in the morning that I don’t even bother with trying to fix my makeup.  My co-workers get the pleasure of my naked face, and my hair in my usual pseudo-bun.

One good thing about getting older, is that I don’t feel I need to impress anyone with how I look (still looking presentable though).  Why didn’t I understand this in my 20’s?


Another thing that I would like to mention is that my mom crocheted my scarf in the photo above- where I am half asleep.  Crocheted scarfs are the warmest scarfs I have found.  I definitely recommend learning how to make one, or convince your mom to make one (like I did!).

Thursday started off to be a crap day from the beginning.  My “female only” bathroom in my office trailer had been hooked up, and the boss came running in asking to use it.  I said ok, because I understand bathroom emergencies.  Never again.

He clogged the toilet, and the water came up and wouldn’t stop!  The trailer flooded, and since the trailer wasn’t put up exactly level, water flowed throughout the trailer.  It took three guys to clean and fix the mess.  Neither of the guys in the picture below are the culprit, I just took a picture of the aftermath.  After that, the day was pretty much over.


Since the day was pretty shot from the flooding bathroom incident, I started my beach scene on my whiteboard in the office.  I googled how to draw a palm tree and followed the instructions.  I don’t think it turned out too bad.


We were in the middle of this snow storm, and we got about 3 feet of snow.  The drifts are higher, of course.  All of this snow has me planning my next fieldtrip.  I looked up several places, and so far they are all closed for the season.  Guess I will just have to travel south again on my days off, or when I can get out of the driveway due to snow.


The picture above is just because I thought the sky was pretty.  The picture below was driving into work yesterday.


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