Finn and Apples

Last weekend, I noticed a Facebook post on my friend’s page regarding a workday on their apple orchard.  I didn’t have plans that day, so I messaged that I would gladly come out and help.  I know nothing of working on an apple orchard, but I do have a little knowledge of plants from from working on my papow’s nursery.  I was looking forward to learning a bit about apple orchards.  I ended up making a collard green and bean soup the day prior, and brought some to share.  Hopefully it was tasty!

My friend has an extremely sweet American Bulldog named Finn, who weighs more than me.  He is such a sweet dog, and he likes to have your full attention by constantly loving on you!


The only problem is the apple trees are on a hill, and I almost rolled down the hill many many times during the day due to Finn being affectionate.  I’m pretty sure it was amusing to watch me trying to keep him out of my way while working, keeping myself from rolling down the hill, and me actually trying to accomplish some work.  I think a picture of this hilariousness is somewhere floating around.

Here he is waiting for us to bring gravel up the hill.  I wish I could have loaded him up in the car that evening and taken him home.


I didn’t mean for this post to be completely about the adorable Finn, but it seems to have veered in that direction.

The reason I was even helping out was due to damage from these little rodents called voles.  I have never heard of them before, but they seem to enjoy orchards.  We had to replace the hay around the trees with gravel, in hopes they wouldn’t burrow beneath the trees and create more damage.

I really feel for my friends, because I know they have worked really hard on this orchard for the spring.


I said I would come back my next free weekend to help some more.  This upcoming weekend is the PittStop Lindyhop in Pittsburgh and then Thanksgiving, but hopefully I will have free time sometime soon.  I had a refreshing day helping on the orchard, and it freed my mind of things for a while.  I will leave you will one of my favorite pictures of Finn carrying a big stick.  I think I may need a dog.


My cat, George, is awesome….but cats are not the same.  George looks at me as if I am ruining his day by breathing in the same room as him.



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