6. West Virginia – The ladies visiting


This is after our excursion to Washington, DC, and we are in West Virginia.  I am actually leaving for work, and they are getting ready to head back to NC.  This is the second time they have visited me in WV since I have been here.  They don’t care for it too much.  They like living down by the beach, too.

They think the drive is too long, and it may be too long for them.  I think it takes them 8 hours to get up here, maybe more.  I don’t think it would take so long if they didn’t stop at every craft and fabric store they pass on way.  It is a given with them.

I’m usually the one who travels to see them.  I get in my “90’s concert in the car” mode, and jam away while I drive.

This will count for our visiting of WV, slowly filling up our 50-states map.  After the DC trip, I need a vacation for myself.

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