DC trip- day three, Virginia in our 50-States Tour


Day three of the Austin Ladies exploring Washington, DC.  Today, we visited Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.  We were looking forward to this, as our families are ones who served our country. Not just spout out “I support the troops”, with a yellow ribbon magnet on their SUV.  I get a bit irritated with people who are like that, as I want to say, “GREAT, When are you or your kids enlisting? Oh, just other families should send their loved ones, but yours are off limits?”

Before I go too far on that soapbox, I will get back to Arlington.   We took the trolley tour, of course.  The cemetery is very beautiful.  I have always felt calm in cemeteries, and never been one to be afraid of death.  We arrived at the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb, and I was happy to see an Honor Flight attending the changing of the guard.


The Honor Flight members I met were from upstate New York, and they said 84 were on this flight.  They were adorable, and all reminded me of my grandfather.  The gentleman in the above picture (standing next to me taking the picture) was a Korean War veteran said he goes on the flight all the time, and he just bebop-ed around. Spunky little guy.


Arlington Cemetery was just beautiful.  We didn’t get to see JFK’s grave, as the changing of the guard at the Unknown Soldier’s is only once an hour.  We wouldn’t have made the trolley stop, so we decided to see the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb.  My mom is a huge fan of President John F. Kennedy, even with his “charming and charismatic way with women”.

This will be on my list to visit again.  Mom and Thelma didn’t want to walk much, so I saved my on-foot exploring for another day.  Mom and Aunt Thelma really enjoy riding the trolleys while the tour guide gives facts over the speakers.

This trip will count for our visiting the state of Virginia for our 50-states tour.

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