DC trip- Day two of exploration

Day two of exploring Washington, DC included our tour of the White House- bright and early at 8:30.

Telling two Southern Magnolia Ladies that they cannot carry their handbags into the White House was pretty amusing.  My mom and aunt didn’t seem to fully understand what, “No bags of any kind, including pocketbooks” meant at first.

They kept asking,”Well, where am I supposed to put my kleenex?” and “What about my phone?”.  My answers were the same, give it to me.  I felt like the parent on a school field trip.  My pockets were completely full of kleenex, maps, phones, driver’s licenses, money, and our confirmation email.  Our tour was at 8:30 am, and I had enough sense to have us ride a cab to the White House.  The funny thing is that neither of them would hail a cab, and would wait for me to come and do it.  So these two are standing on the side of the street watching the cabs go by, while I finish locking the door.  I am really happy that the White House decided that we can now take pictures inside, just no flash.  We arrived at our tour line a little after 8:00 am, and security was pretty fast and efficient to get through.


The White House is as awesome as I thought it would be, but seeing Marine One in the lawn preparing to take off was even better!wpid-imag3959.jpg

By the time Marine One took off, we were standing outside, so I was able to get this shot.


Leaving the White House to get some breakfast.


I usually forget to pick up souvenirs on trips, but I did get a few at the White House.


The funniest thing happened while the ladies we’re resting on a park bench. As they sat down, my aunt said, “Look at those two old ladies collapsed on that bench.” I flipped my head around in the area I thought she was referring and started getting up, and asked “Where?” I was going to go and help them! My two ladies started laughing harder than usual at me. I didn’t realize they were talking about themselves! This is right after they calmed down from laughing at me. It was nice to have my mom laugh, she has never been one to laugh easily.


We also went on the Trolley Tour, and they loved it! When we returned to the rental home, they ended up staying in and knitting and crocheting while I went solo exploring for a bit.

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