3. South Carolina

Coloring in the state of South Carolina on my map of the 50-state travels is easy.  My family would head to South Carolina every year for our family vacations.  Also, I lived in the state for ten years before moving to WV.

As for our vacations… ahh, the road trip itself was enough to need a vacation.  First, let me just say that my family were campers.  Yes, we went to the beach and camped in a tent at the campground.  Actually, we always were camping somewhere.  Even in college, I would go camping up in the mountains because that is all my friends and I could afford for entertainment!

Our family had a small two door Toyota Tercel, which was a hatchback.  Zero air conditioning.  Pops would round us up and leave around 1:00 am so we would sleep and it wouldn’t be so hot driving.  It was a great idea, except I always had to sleep on the floorboard after they stacked pillows and blankets to fill it up.  This was because I was smaller than my brother, so he got to sleep on the seat part.  You don’t understand family road trips until you travel without phones, air conditioning, a Walkman (although that did come later), or even bathroom breaks!  I think it took us seven or eight hours to get to our destination.  I do the same drive now, and it takes me close to six hours.

Eventually, we would get to the beach.  This was sometime in the 1980’s in SC with my Mom.  She didn’t want to take a picture.  She really wanted me to get back into the pool so she could finish reading her book.

in sc

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