Update on my reading list

I am still reading the first book in my presidential reading list.  It is a really good book, and I feel it fills in a lot of blanks from school.

My 4 year old nephew came up to me and said he knew who George Washington was and also Abraham Lincoln.  He thought Lincoln was the second President though, so I looked up pictures of them in order. We went through all the Presidents and I mentioned a little about each of them.

We went in reverse order, and he asked why the pictures were in black and white.  I explained color and black & white photography to him while scrolling up. Then he said, “Look, color photos again!”

Nope, those would be paintings.  It was pretty cute.  He now wants to read a book about each along with me.

He doesn’t have to tell me twice that he wants to read!

His new book…



I am not sure if I can find books for his age about each one, but I will try.  We both are looking forward to Teddy Roosevelt.

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