Mom’s Meals for Mom

During my childhood, my mom made supper every night after she got off work.  She worked at our high school, so she left work when we got out of school.  Her working at my school is a totally different post… let me just say that I was more afraid of my mother than the principal! I never did anything wrong anyway, but I still had the fear.

She cooked every day, and on Sunday we had a big dinner- usually a roast.  Since her stroke, she hates to cook.  I think it is because she doesn’t really have to cook since it would be just for her.  I tried a few of the meals you can order online to see if she liked those.  One company was a definite “No”, she told me to not get them anymore because they were so bad!

I also tried Mom’s Meals, and she loved them!  I order her meals from the diabetic menu, and she really likes them.  She said they come in a cooler of some sort, and aren’t frozen.  I haven’t tried them, but she seems to really like all of the meals.  She said the portions are perfect because she doesn’t waste any of them.  Even though they are easy for her to fix, it doesn’t feel like she is eating a TV dinner.

Just wanted to put it out there, because I value honest reviews.

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