WVU, DC, and vacations with Mom

I have quite possibly lost my mind.

I am pretty sure I left it in SC before we moved to WV.  Speaking of WVU, I try to find the President, Dr. E. Gordon Gee, for a photo at every game.

 Dr. Gordon Gee

He is the best thing to happen to this school in quite a while.  His bow-ties are cheerful and the happiness is infectious!

 Dr. Gee

Back to why I think I have lost my mind.

I am taking my Mom and my Aunt to Washington, DC in October for a vacation.  Trying to plan this trip has been interesting.  Taking two ladies who can’t walk very far to a city that you walk mostly… Logistically, this may be a disaster.

Mom wants to visit every state, and I said I would help her with accomplishing this goal.  They both like history, so I thought DC would be a good starting place.  This is going to be hilarious.

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