Trying to Accept Mom Aging

I am in my 30’s and still living a nontraditional life.  Mom always said that I lived in the clouds and did things my own way.  She did not mean that as a compliment to my free-spirited soul.  She was strict, conservative, and demanded I act accordingly.  It is not stretch to say that for a decade, I was quite the disappointment.

The interesting thing about all this is that she isn’t the same person anymore.  She suffered from a major stroke a few years ago, and her entire outlook on life and personality has changed.  Definitely for the better!  She says that her near death experience really scared her and made her realize that she can’t go through life like she did.  Her blood pressure was 270/something else high when she had her stroke.  I was so shocked at the 270 number that I forgot the bottom number.

Her health is still terrible, and she wants me to clean up her diet for her.  So when I go down, I will be putting “Forks Over Knives” in the DVD player and teaching her about a plant based diet.

I have to admit that it was a shock to see her health declining so sharply, because I always see her as a stern strong woman. I am just grateful that I am used to being around the elderly who are disabled, because I don’t want to lose patience with her while she ages.

I am curious how it will affect me when I have to make the decision to put her in an assisted living or nursing home.  We were raised to openly talk about death, because it saves you from arguing with family later.  So it was no surprise when I spoke to her yesterday, she told me that she and her sister bought their cemetery plots.  She also went ahead and picked out her headstone.  She is moving into a senior community (only 60+ age residents) this week, so maybe the transitions won’t be so bad for either one of us as she ages.  I told her not to unpack anything that she did not need, because I will do it when I get there.  I am taking bets on whether or not she listens.

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