Writing Obituaries

Being from the South, I have read some pretty impressive obituaries.  I like when it shows the person’s personality, and I can imagine how they were.  I have a book that I keep the obituaries of the residents who I spent time with at the CLC.   Having them in my life, no matter how short, means a lot to me.  It is nice to look back and read about them.

I think that obituaries should make you smile while you read them.  You know, having them mention facts about the person that makes you say, “I bet they would have been cool/funny/awesome to have known!”

Many of the men I have met are either estranged from their family or do not have any family living.  Due to this, their obituaries are usually lacking in honoring them.  One sweet friend, who I named this blog after, had such a vibrant and interesting life, and his obituary was only one line.

One line to honor such a lovely, funny, and educated man.  It really broke my heart to read.  I wish that I could have written one for him.

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