A Little Background

When people find out that I volunteer in a nursing home, the first comment is usually about how they don’t know how I do it or that they couldn’t handle it.  This blog will explain how to become comfortable with the elderly and show you that you can do this!

My program connects volunteers with residents who do not have family or the family is too far away to visit often.  As of this date, I have been officially assigned to four residents.  On Monday, I will be assigned to two more gentlemen.  Although I am assigned to certain residents, I visit with everyone and become friends with all of the residents.  The only difference is that near the end of life, I sit, read to, calm, and comfort my personal residents as I am their “family”.

I see life in cycles/waves/circular, and Monday starts a new cycle for me at the center as I will meet my new residents.  I truly consider these men and women my friends, and speak of them as such.

Once I get permission from the people in charge, I will post more about where I volunteer because they have many opportunities in every state.  I am really looking forward to Monday.   My first assigned resident is in his 80′s, and makes me laugh every time I see him.  Of course, it is because he is actually making fun and laughing at me!  He always tells me that I am late when I come in, even though I don’t have a set visitation time.  He is such a firecracker, and I love it.

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